about us

Indian Art Circle

We are a team of art lovers and aesthetes from varied creative domains - actual artists, designers, as well as engineers and scientists, based in Noida, India, and California, USA. Our compelling urge to bring the IT revolution of the century, the Internet, to the threshold of Indian Art and Crafts resulted in the birth, in the year 2000, of this truly comprehensive site which not only makes Indian artefacts commercially available through the net, but is also educative, informative and indeed promotes Indian Arts and Crafts by providing a forum to everyone concerned.

  • To artists, especially some young and brilliantly talented ones for showcasing and selling their creations globally through our site.
  • To art students and critics of Indian art, an opportunity to be a part of the Indian Art Circle.Com web fraternity where they can discuss, debate and learn more about Indian Art especially the wealth of as yet unexplored aspects.
  • And to Collectors and Connoisseurs, an amazing collection of Indian art work in a single stop shop to chose and order from, from any corner of the world.

That's precisely what makes Indian Art Circle.Com the world's first of its kind complete window to the boundless treasures of Indian Art. Here's what we bring to you:

  • Educative Information about various traditional and contemporary Indian art forms
  • An opportunity to connoisseurs and critics of Indian Art to be a part of Indian Art Circle.Com's web fraternity and share their views and opinions
  • An on-line storehouse offering a spectrum of traditional and contemporary pieces of Indian arts and crafts
  • A forum to upcoming as well as established artists to exhibit and sell their creations
  • High quality art shows, art activities, events, seminars, camps and workshops in the area of art. We aim to undertake collaborative, interdisciplinary and synchronized endeavours to bring artists from all over the country together to share, create, present and promote art in its full glory at the national and international platform.